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Verona – Italy “Birthplace of Romeo and Juliet”

Situated in the Northern parts of Italy , the City received World Heritage status because of it’s urban structure and architecture. Also seen as the Romantic City , birthplace of lover’s Romeo and Juliet. There is a beautiful Panoramic view of the city from Castel San Pietro(the Castle). Go see a Opera in the Roman Amphitheater , please no cameras… Visit Juliet’s house in Italian called “Casa di Giulietta”. At the entrance is Juliets wall where tourist write love letters on the wall. There is also a bronze statue of Juliet , the metal of its (her) breast worn bare due to a legend that if a person strokes the right breast of the statue, that person will have good fortune and luck in love. There is a small courtyard and Juliet’s Balcony….it can be very crowded. Go eat at the “Ristorante Arche” , a good family Restaurant , a bit expensive with great food “one of my best Resataurants”.