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Trying new things

Searching for images that sell is not as easy as you think. Selling your images on Stock-photography Websites is like shooting fish in a barrel. Although I am selling images on Stock-photography Websites ( very slowly ) , it is not something to survive on. Let’s face it for me as a photographer it is degrading to sell images for 50 cent , knowing I am worth a lot more.

So I started to experiment with images , all of which can be downloaded from the Net. I am not claiming I own any of the Images I used , but it has been altered into the final product of my images I created. Using three different images and merging them into one final image I ended up with the final result. Hope you like them , and feel welcome to leave comments etc.

Charlize Theron © Zet Watson

Penelope Cruz © Zet Watson

Summer Glau © Zet Watson