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Rheims – the Champagne area

Reims also spelt Rheims. The most obvious attraction is of course Champagne. One of the most important attractions is the Cathedral of Rheims(Notre-Dame de Reims). This Cathedral played a very important role in connection with the French Monarchy as it was the crowning site of the Kings of France. The Palace of Tau , next to the Basilica served as the residence of the kings of France on the occasion of their coronations. Other attractions is the Basillica of Saint-Remi , Mars gate.

All the well known Champagne houses are in Rheims. If you want to visit make a reservation. I have visited these three G.H Mumm , Taittinger , Veuve Clicquot , and each one of them is a bit different than the other. To visit the Champagne winelands you can travel by car to Épernay , south of Rheims.