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Bologna and Maranello , Italy.

Our visit kicked off in Bologna – Italy situated in the center Northern parts of Italy.  The city has portico-ed sidewalks , great cuisine and and some amazing Architecture. At the Piazza Maggiore you can see the “unfinished facade”of the Basilica of San Petronio. If you feel very energetic you can climb the stairs of the Portico of San Luca which has more than 600 arches and is 3.8 km long.  It ends at the top at the Sanctuary of the Madonna of San Luca.

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Then there is also Maranello , home of Ferrari. It was always a great dream for me to visit , because I am an avid Formula 1 supporter. And I collect model cars from Ferrari. It is a bit touristic , but if you want you can drive some of the newest sport super-cars , or visit the Ferrari museum and a tour to the Ferrari test tract and factory.  Sadly you are not allowed to take photos at the factory and you drive in a bus , so you never get out…..

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