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Zet WatsonHello , my name is Zet Watson. I was born in Pretoria – South Africa. I have a creative background. I had art as a Subject at School. The obvious next step for me was Photography.

I studied Digital Photography and Image Editing in The Netherlands. The difference between Analog and Digital Photography. Settings of camera’s. The different type’s of camera’s , lenses , etc. Using Photoshop Elements to Edit Images.

I continued my studies in Photography in the Netherlands. I finished my Professional Photographer studies. Learning a lot about the different possibilities in Photography , the different fields of Photography. And to setup your own business in Photography.

My first DSLR was a Sony Alpha a380. My current DSLR’s is a Sony Alpha a580 , a Sony SLT 65 and Sony SLT a77 mk2. Current lenses include a Sigma 10-20 Wide Angle Lens. Sony 50 mm lens. Tamron 90 mm Macro Lens. Sigma 70 – 300 DG Lens.

I have a home studio for Portrait / family/ model Photography.  My current Editing software is Adobe Lightroom , Adobe Photoshop Elements and Portrait Professional . My newest software purchase is Photokey 6 Pro for green screen Photography.

I used to take photo’s with Analog Camera’s , but developing the films just became too expensive. Digital photography is just a lot easier these day’s. And with editing software so much can be done after uploading photos on your PC.

I find it fascinating how Digital Photography evolve. It is amazing how images can be changed with software. I wonder where Digital Photography will be in the next five years ? How many Megapixel’s.

Who knows , it is surely exciting….

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